Monday, July 9, 2007

LA Story- Chapter 2

Well, Melissa and I have just completed our first year in the dry heat of the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. And, right around that milestone, some big things have happened. First off, we just finished moving to our new apartment. We're not very far from the old place, but it's a much nicer unit. We finally have central air and a dishwasher, which is worth the $50 rent increase in and of itself, but overall the whole place just feels less like a tenement than the old place. This building feels like the manager actually cares about it/knows it exists. Nice.
Next, and more importantly, I have a new job. I'm still technically under the umbrella of Carsey Werner, but I am now a Producer's Assistant. Specifically, I'm Matt Berenson's assistant. As such, I am officially obligated to inform you that you should go see The Brothers Solomon on September 7th:
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With that out of the way, I'm basically a personal assistant, but without the "go get my laundry" kind of stuff. I handle phone calls and meetings and I read and cover scripts for him. All in all, a pretty awesome gig for someone with as little experience as I have.
So what does one do when faced with life changes? One blogs! Indeed I am a child of my generation- obsessed with technology and arrogant enough to think that people care what I have to say. Please enjoy this public window into my life.

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