Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Suck at Pac-Man

Yep. The title says it all. Pac-Man (or as the Japanese call it, "Puck-Man") has been on this Earth every moment of my life, and I still royally suck at it. I'm not even close to being "OK" at it. I know this because of the internet. First, some background:

A couple months ago, I watched a screener copy of the new documentary "King of Kong." This fun movie chronicles two gamers (the underdog and the pompous "king" of video games, Billy Mitchell) as they try to be recognized as the world's best Donkey Kong player. What did I learn from this movie? I suck at Donkey Kong. But I already knew that. My brother has always been way better than me at Donkey Kong, and this movie taught me that he sucks at it, too. So what does that tell you about me? Anyway, it certainly made me want to play some of the classics. So, I broke out my old favorites and set to work.

Which brings us to today. I've accepted my suckiness at Donkey Kong. I'm a fairly passable Berserk player (and I love how the machine taunts you- "Chicken! Fight like a robot!"). But, boy, do I suck at Pac-Man. I decided to put some research into it (maybe I should rename this blog "I decided to Research..."- it seems to be a common theme), and I learned that there are vast tomes of Pac-Man strategies. I studied them. I learned some patterns, I learned how each of the ghosts reacts differently and what parts of the screen they can't go to. And I still suck. Can't even get past the second peach level (and only made it that far once). There's no excuse for this. I've had all my life to hone my Pac-skillz, and I intend to make up for some lost time. Watch out Blinky- your red ass is mine!

p.s.- On a more serious note, check out my buddy Mike's blog "Hey Gang." It's linked on the right side of the screen. He just got back from Africa and posted some great pics. Enjoy!

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