Monday, March 31, 2008

Cubs Lose

The Cubs lost in their opener today. Carlos Zambrano pitched brilliantly, and newcomer Kosuke Fukudome went 3-3 with a double and a game-tying homer in the ninth, but no one else on the offense decided to play baseball today. Hopefully the rest of the series goes better.

On a positive note, I started carpooling with Mike today. We live close enough and work close enough to each other that it didn't make sense not to carpool. With gas prices reaching $4 any day now, only having to drive half the time makes a lot of sense. And, sure, it's good for the environment. I doubt that taking two small-to-midsized cars off the road is really doing that much good in Los Angeles, but hey, what are you doing? That's what I thought. It should also cut back on the number of posts I have to make complaining about traffic, as I will now have someone in the car to complain to directly. I worry that this will be hard on Mike's schedule, as he's the one who has to make more drastic changes with our current plan, but I think in the end it will hopefully balance out.

Good day on the crosswords today, including a personal best for the New York Times. As for Yahoo, well, I might stop recording times for Yahoo. I've started solving most of my puzzles in Across Lite (or by hand) and Yahoo doesn't use that format. Having to switch to Yahoo's format after a day of Across Lite makes it tough to navigate the puzzles. Anyway, here's the times:
NYT- 4:17
CS- 4:25
LAT- 5:14
NYS- 4:15
Y!- 9:19


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  1. Are you the same Eli Selzer with the mp3s of the Cubs songs?

    Do you still have those?

    A sincere Cubs fan who misses the old WGN tunes,
    Mark --