Monday, June 9, 2008

Dodger Stadium

Melissa and I took in the Cubs/Dodgers game at Dodger Stadium last night. It was great fun. The Cubs won 3-1 and we sat in the All You Can Eat Bleachers so we didn't have to pay anything out of pocket last night (all of the paying was done months ago when we bought the tickets). Even better, we were surrounded by Cubs fans. Our section was at least 70% Northsiders. And yet...

Dodgers fans are an interesting breed. I've met a fair share of die-hards who really know the game. However, it seems like I never meet these people at Dodger Stadium. Everyone knows that fans in LA show up late and leave early (average length of stay- probably 3rd-7th innings). They also seem to have a penchant for finding ways other than baseball games to occupy themselves. The popular method is to bat around a beach ball, knocking people in the back of the head and whatnot, then booing loudly whenever someone lets the ball drop to the level below. At least once a game a ball falls on the field and there's a delay while someone goes to clean off the field. It's asinine. No matter how good of a baseball game is being played, I always feel like the people in the stands are WAY more into their stupid beach balls. Plus, they're contraband. Big signs outside the stadium clearly list "Beach Balls" alongside weapons and alcoholic beverages as things that can't be brought into the stadium. After a ball hit Melissa last night, I'm proud to say I grabbed and deflated it. I got a little heat from the few Dodger fans around, but mostly I got applause from the Cubs fans nearby. We don't cotton to such nonsense (incidentally, we don't do "the wave" at Wrigley, either. There were enough Cubs fans in attendance last night to keep it from showing up).

I also ran into a lot of Dodgers fans that I can only categorize as "thugs." On the way to the bathroom, two large gentleman in Dodgers jerseys stood in my way and threateningly told me, "Go Dodgers." I had done nothing to them except wear a Cubs jersey and hat. I really felt like they wanted to harm me, but thankfully there was a police officer nearby. Then, as we left the game, the SUV parked next to us was a guy with a group of kids. As we got into our car, not even looking at them, one of the kids (no older than 10) yelled at me, "The Cubs are gay! At least the Dodgers aren't a faggot team. Hey Dad, did you hear what I said. I said the Cubs are a team of fucking faggots!" Real classy. That kid has a future. (ps- the Dad did and said nothing).

Finally, what I notice most of all at Dodger Stadium is fans that just don't care. If you look at the picture I posted, that's a guy with a portable TV. He spent the majority of the game watching the Lakers play. You know, you could have had better reception at home for free. Like most places in LA, Dodger Stadium can feel like it's a place to be seen. No one cares what they're going to see, if there's going to be people there then you HAVE to go.

Still, all things considered, it was a good time. I love watching baseball live. The ballpark is a great atmosphere. Dodger Stadium is a very nice old park in a great setting (though it can't hold a candle to Wrigley or Fenway or other great parts. It's just nice, that's all), but the crowd can make enjoying the game a little difficult.

Plus, Budweiser is like, $11! Are you kidding me?


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