Friday, November 7, 2008

Great Benefits Package

One of the things that happened during my long blogging hiatus is that
I got a new job. I'm still an assistant, but I work at Miramax now.
I'm also still a temp, which means no holidays or vacation pay, but
the money's good and it has one more huge benefit: I can walk to
Carney's for lunch.

Carney's is my second favorite hot dog in town. I rank it behind
Skooby's and well ahead of Pink's. It used to be third, but Pinkberry
evicted my old number 2, the Wiener Factory. Carney's has great hot
dog meat, good topping choice, and you get to eat in a train. How cool
is that? It's a good thing I'm making more money, because I'll be
eating here a lot.

One more thing that happened over my break? I got an iPhone, and this
post was written entirely on it.


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