Friday, June 5, 2009

To Pre or Not To Pre

So, the Palm Pre is coming out and it looks like a pretty sweet phone. I like the user interface and would love to see the iPhone adopt some of its features (which it probably will in the forthcoming software update). It would be a much cooler phone if it wasn't locked on to Sprints craptastic network, but for the time being, it is. It looks like it will be the iPhone's first real competitor (sorry Blackberry Storm, you're awful). Would I consider abandoning my iPhone for one? Hell no!

I love my iPhone. Absolutely love it. The internet seems to delight itself in telling me why I shouldn't (they're like that with everything Apple makes), but I just don't see their point. The biggest criticisms- no copy and paste (I've only wanted it once or twice, it's coming in the next software update), no MMS texts (I never text anybody, plus I have full e-mail on my phone), and a crappy camera (I have a real camera, thank you). This phone is so much better than any cell phone I've ever used, it's not even fair to compare them. I love all the functionality that I can add through the app store, and having the full internet in my pocket is awesome. I'm also excited to try out the new GPS apps that will be coming with the new software update.

One other iPhone criticism that keeps coming up in the Palm Pre reviews is the keyboard- Pre has a physical one, the iPhone has an onscreen touchpad. People are saying that this is a huge advantage for the Pre. I fully disagree. I've used Blackberry and Palm keyboards before- they're tiny and hard to use accurately. The iPhone solution isn't perfect, but after about a week of regular use (and with the awesome auto-correct feature's help) I was typing easily. I write e-mails on it, I've written blog posts on it...hell, I do the NY Times crossword on it everyday. I make a few mistakes, but no more than I would on any keyboard that size. I really wonder if the people who complain about the iPhone (and all the other Apple products) have ever actually spent time using them.

I guess I don't really have a point. It's been an uneventful week for the most part, and I just felt like I should post something.


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