Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Drawn That Way

If you've paid attention to the links I've posted on this site (and why haven't you?), then you'll notice I link to a webcomic called Eros Inc. This is a strip done by my good friend Mike (not Funt) Smith (code name Michael May, aka Captain Spacebeard) that revolves around a young cupid and her ragtag, zany bunch of friends in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. Ok, that's not the best description, but trust me, it's fantastic. And I'm not just saying that because he's a friend, I really dig it and look forward to reading it 3 times a week (he publishes MWF. If he published on Tuesday and Thursday, I'd look forward to it 5 times a week. How funny would it be if he published 5, and I only looked forward to 3 of them? Ok, this parenthetical tangent has gone on long enough). You should really check it out. Take the time to go back to the beginning and read the existing chapters, it will make a lot more sense that way, and I promise you'll enjoy it.

Why do I mention this? Well imagine my surprise on Monday when I open my browser, click my way over to Eros Inc, and see myself, right there in a flashback sequence!

I wasn't positive it was me, but the Haunted Mansion t-shirt gave it away (and yes, Mike knows it's 999 Happy Haunts, I already teased him about it). I'm standing with Melissa, and if you look at the full picture, Mike (Yes Funt) and Bailee are at the party, too. You can check out the full strip here, but you're not likely to know what's going on without reading the whole series (which I've already told you to do):
Memories Pushed Down Below

I was delighted and honored to have a cameo in the strip. Maybe one day I'll repay the favor (he said, blatantly hinting at something).

Now if only I could convince Chris Onstad that Achewood needed me in some way...


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  1. Wow, I'm glad you liked your cameo!

    Note to self, include Eli in more comics...