Friday, July 13, 2007

About the title...

If anybody's reading this, you might be wondering why I titled this blog "The Scribe and Mouse." Well, I've always liked the idea of having a bar in my home. Specifically, a British pub. In our new apartment, we have a bar (as much as a breakfast bar with liquor bottles and a wine rack can be called a bar), so I wanted to come up with a cool Pub name for it. I actually played around with this idea for a long time before I settled on "The Scribe and Mouse." I used it simply because I am a writer (Scribe) and my wife works for Disney (Mouse). I cobbled together the sign you see in the picture and plan on hanging it on the wall near the bar. Now if I could just get a dart board and a satellite feed of EPL soccer matches....

As a fun bonus today, here's some rejected pub names (none of which necessarily have anything to do with me personally):
The Rose and Skeleton, The Sword and Rider, The Book and Candle, The King's Ransom, The Bard's Head (I still like this one), The Pen and Ink, The Knight's Armour, and so on.


  1. I get to go to the braves game today!!!!!!!

  2. Maybe I can help you with the necessary pub details when we visit!

  3. And don't forget that Cassidy's company imports detailed wooden bars.

    PS - I have a cool idea for a brass hand or foot rail...I have a supplier