Friday, November 16, 2007

The Joy of Spam

Today I had a message in my Spam folder with the subject line, "Overstep the bounds of your imagination- Enlarge your Phallus!"

That made me laugh. It made me think of an old-timey medicine man or some jolly fat man with a top hat and handlebar mustache calling out to you on the street. "Pardon me sir, perchance you've dreamed in Morpheus' domain of exaggerating the size of your gentleman's parts. Well, dream no more!" I mean, does enlarging my phallus really overstep the bounds of my imagination? No. Dragons, wizards, super heroes, talking animals- if these things show up, that's overstepping the bounds of my imagination. But making my junk bigger?

Which brings me to my other point. Are the people who are really interested in male enhancement going to respond to this kind of vocabulary trickery? "Honey, you tell me who won the NASCAR race today, and I'm going forthwith to inquire upon enlarging my phallus." Have Victorian gentleman come forward in time and started using the internet? Because man, that would be awesome.

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