Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Getting Back Into Shape

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I was looking at some recent pictures of myself and realized that i could be in much better shape. Ever since I took my new job, I've hardly gotten any exercise. I used to jog up to my wife's office and walk her home after work (we only have one car to share between us). Now I'm out of the house 12 hours a day for my job and it's just been easier not to do anything. Well, it's time to do something about it.

So, yesterday I got about about 40 minutes early, did some stretching and went for a jog. It really felt pretty good. I'm really hoping I can keep this up, and maybe vary it with other forms of exercise so my body doesn't get used to doing the same thing every day. I realize I've said this many times before, but I'm really getting to a point in my life where if I don't start to take care of myself, it's just going to get harder to do as I get older.

Additionally, I've decided to drastically cut back my soda intake. I had been having a can of Coke or 7Up every day with my lunch, but starting this week I've switched to water. I will still probably drink soda at restaurants or when we order pizza, but the daily volume will be going way down. As a downside of this, it's 4:30 and I'm dead tired. My body has to readjust itself to do without the caffeine. Of course, I was also at Disneyland until 1am last night, so that may have something to do with it, as well.

Wish me luck as I set out to improve myself!



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  1. Good luck! You're gonna be looking hot in time for that best man toast you have to deliver just under a year from now. :)