Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Holiday Catch-All

Well, everyone, did you miss me? I missed me. I missed you. Let's all hug.

Now that that's out of the way, it's time for my holiday catch-up (as opposed to my holiday ketchup, my failed peppermint/tomato paste hybrid).

My mother-in-law was in town for most of the break, and we took her to the San Diego Zoo. That's where the picture is from- I got this great shot of a swinging orangutan. Looks like he's having so much fun.

I had a great Christmas. My gifts for my wife were well appreciated and she did a great job on me as well. I now have the complete Monty Python's Flying Circus DVD set and two more Wii games to waste my time (the new Super Mario Brothers is particularly awesome). I also have new books to read- always good.

I saw Sweeney Todd and No Country For Old Men and highly recommend both. Tim Burton managed to make it seem natural that people would break out into song, and the fact that they breakout into Sondheim's best is a big plus. And the Coen Brothers really made me feel like I was watching a Cormac McCarthy book, which is quite a feat. By the way, my top movies for the year are those two, Enchanted, Ratatouille, and Juno. Zodiac was pretty awesome, too.

My internet connection has gone all wonky at the house and Time Warner seems completely inept at fixing it. They were supposed to come by this morning, but just called to tell me they forgot (gee, I hadn't noticed while I sat at home and you weren't there). This will be their second trip out and I don't expect them to fix it anyway. Time to look at DSL (and probably DIrectTv, as well).

Went to the dentist this morning (it wouldn't be my blog if I didn't talk about going to the dentist). Biggest news is that I will be getting my wisdom teeth out this year, a prospect that terrifies me. Other than that, my teeth and gums apparently looked good. It always amazes me how they point out that my gums are bleeding a little. Really? Maybe it's because you're poking them with a sharp metal stick. Seriously, it feels like a tiny pirate is going to town on my gingiva. (Wait, did I just come up with a concept for a new cartoon? I'll get back to you). Anyway, they also told me my mouth seemed dry while there was an air hose sucking out any moisture. Apparently dental school doesn't involve many logic courses.

That's the highlights of my time off. Looks like it's back to work, which means back to more regular blogging. Hope all of you had a great holiday season!


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