Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The State of Comedy in the World

I was listening to "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" (one of my favorite NPR shows) yesterday and was struck by a simple incident that no one even commented on. This show is usually hilarious with some of the wittiest minds in the country commenting on the week's news. And most of this week's episode was great. But this one thing stood out to me.

One of the listeners who called in said she was from a town on the border of Kansas and Colorado. She said that the townspeople liked to joke that they were "The Best of Kansas and the Worst of Colorado." One of the panelists asked what "the Worst of Colorado" was, and the listener replied, "A lot of people would say the East plains." The panel chuckled and made some mildly amusing comments. Then, one panelist (I believe it was Roy Blount, Jr) asked what "the Best of Kansas" was. She replied, "Well, there's a lot of nice parts to Kansas" or some other such platitudes.

Stop right there. Someone on a comedy program asks you "What's the best of Kansas?" and your reply isn't immediately, "Dust in the Wind" or "Carry On Wayward Son"? I mean, you were handed the joke on a silver platter! I know you're just an average listener, but step up to the plate! And panelists! You should be ashamed of yourselves. You're professionals, you're not supposed to let one another die on stage. When someone asks, "What's the best of Kansas?", you are obligated to make a witty reference to the 70s/80s progressive rock powerhouse! It's the comic's code.

This is just more proof that this Writer's Strike needs to end. The professionals and the public alike are getting rusty. If this continues, we may lose comedy forever! Where will the next Borscht Belt come from? If we cannot make silly one-liners when we are set up so perfectly, what will happen to America? I beg of you, all of you reading this, to stay strong and stay funny. It may be our only hope.


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  1. At the very least they could have gone with any one of the eight "Wizard of Oz" jokes that popped into my head immediately.