Friday, May 9, 2008

What the Eff LA?

Hey, LA? You ever hear people refer to you as "Sunny Southern California?" Well, what's the deal? It's May and it's been overcast and a little chilly (relatively speaking) all week long! How does that happen, and who do I ask to stop it? Where's all this global warming the kids are talking about*? Not that I'm looking forward to the 100 degree temperatures of summer, mind you, but it feels like March in Georgia out here right now. And we've had temperatures in the 90s already this year, so it's not like you don't know how to do it. These wild weather fluctuations are not fun on one's sinuses, and I'd appreciate some stability. Plus, we put our comforter away after a week of 90 degree heat and I'm starting to get cold at night (and no, we're not going to take the comforter back out...that's inefficient)! So listen up, LA! Bring back my sun or else I'

*As an aside from this rant, it drives me nuts when people see cold temperatures and proclaim that global warming must not be real (I've seen "experts" on news channels talk about how when there's a cold snap in the northeast that it's proof that we're not having much of an effect on the environment). You won't be seeing too many changes in daily weather. It's a gradual process people, like evolution.

By the way, I kept seeing headlines about superdelegates today and read one of them as "Supper delegates." That just struck me as funny. "The esteemed gentleman from Ohio will be dining on Mr. Obama's meatloaf. Thank you." I don't know. It's not that funny on paper, but in my head...MAN!


Crosswords kicked my butt today, but that's what Fridays are for.
NYT- 16:14
CS- 5:48
LAT- 12:48
NYS- 16:50

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