Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Frustrating Two-fer

I just got notification from my temp company that Disney (the company that has rented me out for the past six months) is cutting my pay by 5%. As far as I can tell, the cut is across the board for all temps, but I can't say for certain. This is actually great. I was just telling my wife last night that I make too much money. It's quite degrading being told that you will be required to do something you can't stand doing for less compensation.

And can I say that I don't think the economy is in as bad a shape is it's being portrayed in the media? Yes, housing and automotive are down, but most corporations are still holding up ok. Unemployment is up, but the vast majority of people in the country are still employed. Isn't it possible that the downturn in retail is just a reaction to what people see on TV? I mean, the modern media (especially cable "news") has a history of blowing things out of proportion (see- Swine Flu), and people in general have a history of making mountains out of molehills. "Hey, hon, I think we should buy a new fridge." "But the TV just said the economy is bad, even though we both still have steady jobs." "GET THE KIDS OUT OF SCHOOL AND INTO THE BUNKER! WE CAN'T AFFORD TO BUY ANYTHING, THE TV SAID SO!" (Yes, I'm being over-dramatic). I guess my point is- a company with the 3rd-highest paid CEO in the world (Bob Iger) could probably find better places to save more money than with a 5% pay decrease for temps.

The other part of the frustration (assuming you're still here) comes to me via Jay Starr's blog (linked in the left column). Jay gave me a shout out yesterday, and I'm returning the favor. I've only met him a couple times, but he's a funny guy with great taste. Anyway, he posted this link:
Texas Education?
Apparently, a Texas school board has voted, 11-3, that the universe is 6,000 years old. Now, let me get one thing straight- if you want to believe the universe is 6,000 years old, fine. Go believe whatever your moronic brain wants. But to teach that as science? It's absurd. There is ZERO credible scientific evidence pointing to a universal age anywhere near four digits. Not a bit of it. Anyone who claims otherwise has a different (ie-religious) agenda. If you live in Texas, and you want your kids to have a real education, I suggest you move them to another state. In fact, you remember those people who were calling for secession at those ridiculous "Tea Parties" (where people, theories? Tax increases that haven't happened? I seriously don't get it. See above re: People doing what the television tells them to do)? Well, maybe we should let them secede. Would the country really be any worse without them?

Ugh, if you're new to the blog, I promise I'm usually more lighthearted than this. It's just been a bit of a downer morning. On to a better Tomorrow!



  1. I'm sorry about your pay cut. Lame. Although I hate to put this under the same post-I'm happy about your big comeback, it was worth the wait!

  2. Pay cuts are awful, but let's get serious here, that 5% is going towards Swine Flu research. Let's face it Eli, that is far more important.


  3. Well, at least it's only 5%. Could be worse, I guess. You know my theory, when cuts have to be made, they like to go as deep into the company as they can - in your case - Temps! Bummer.

  4. No worries, man. My pay got cut 5%, too. The sad part is, my pay is so low to begin with that it barely makes a difference.