Monday, May 18, 2009

Odds and Ends

Hey everyone, sorry I've been delinquent for nearly a week. Not the best foot on which to start out. I went to Knott's Berry Farm a week ago Sunday and have been meaning to write a post about it, but there's a picture I want and it's still on my camera. I promise a post about it when I clean off my memory card. Anyway, so as not to let the pool of creativity stagnate, here's a few things from my world:

Melissa and I bought iPod shuffles yesterday. Melissa got a bright green one of the old model, and I got the new black one. It's about the size of a stick of gum and seems pretty cool so far. Unfortunately, I'm starting to read about how the in-line controls freak out when they get sweat on them, and since this is going to be my running iPod, that worries me. Updates if necessary.

We're also likely to buy a new iMac soon. My poor old PC takes about 15 minutes from startup to actually be usable, and I don't think we've turned it on more than once in the last month. We still want a desktop, but it has to be more convenient. I got a notice that my Norton antivirus subscription is about to run out, and I'd rather go ahead and get the new computer now (in the budget for a little later this year) and not have to worry about it.

Finally got the latest Weezer album. Wow, disappointing. Looking forward to listening to the new Green Day, though.

Why does anyone care what Miss California has to say about anything? Have you ever met a beauty queen? Did they strike you as someone who could form intelligent opinions about things? The fact that she's anti-gay marriage should be proof enough that same sex couples should be allowed to wed. It's media blitzes like this that get actors and athletes elected in to public office (which has never turned out well for anyone).

Minor earthquake last night. Melissa, who is trained in crisis management, was rearranging our DVD shelf (which has several small items on top of it) and didn't even move out of the way. That's how minor it was. It felt like the house was driving down a gravel road (kinda fun, actually).

I'm absolutely sure there was one more thing I wanted to say, and I can't think of it to save my life. Oh well, that's what a Monday will do.


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