Friday, September 21, 2007

All Kinds of Stuff

I have no cohesive theme for my blog today, it's just going to be some thoughts that are coming to mind. My wife has one of her best friends from high school in town this weekend, and today they went to Disneyland. Without me. I got to go to work instead. I don't begrudge them going without me, I just wish I was there instead of here. It's a deep bitterness, but it's not directed at anyone.

I might get to go home early because today is Yom Kippur. I love working in Hollywood.

The Cubs's Magic Number is currently 8, and could be 7 by the end of the day if the Braves can beat the Brewers (which they'd better). A two game lead feels a hell of a lot better than a one game lead, let me tell you. That little extra wiggle room is nice to have. For those of you who don't know me (I should stop saying that, I'm pretty sure that everyone who's reading this knows me...if you don't, introduce yourself in the comments- make me feel popular) I'm a HUGE Cubs fan. If the Cubs hold on and make the playoffs, they could end up playing San Diego and/or Arizona. Road trip!

Finally, in that parenthetical in the last paragraph, I just realized I used three different punctuation devices to indicate a "pause." There's two commas, an ellipses, and a dash. Variety, kids! It's what makes life worth livin'!

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