Friday, February 15, 2008

Bettering Myself

I've decided to stop typing "www" when I enter web addresses. Any modern browser will add it automatically if you need it, and many sites don't even use it anymore. And here I've been, wasting my time and energy with three extra keystrokes every time I visit a website. And frankly, as much time as I spend online, that's a lotta W's. I could be using those keystrokes to write something I could sell (I'm assuming that there is a finite number of keystrokes available to me and I don't want to be wasting them on erroneous W's).

Here's the rub. I've been typing in URLs for over ten years. Getting out of the habit of typing the triple W is proving to be VERY difficult. I type it by instinct, even if I don't know the rest of the address I'm typing. Half the time I make the effort not to type it, only to notice I already have. I need your support. I'm thinking of getting a WWW-Typing Support ribbon made up- has green with yellow stripes been used?


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