Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Flat Buns

I don't know how wide reaching these commercials are, but Carl's Jr. (and from what I can tell, Hardee's) are currently running an ad campaign for their new patty melt burger. The ad features some kids in a class room and two scrawny white morons start rapping about how their teacher has "flat buns." That's the hook- the patty melt is served on flat buns.

First off, the commercial itself is horrible. The rap is lame (as is most rap in advertising- this is what happens when you let 60 year old, fat, white ad execs try to be hip) and the whole concept is borderline sexist (as is most rap). It is also apparently teacherist as many teachers have protested the commercial (because it objectifies them, not for the real reason they should protest- watching it makes kids stupider). But none of that is what really bothers me. It's the general theme of the campaign that irks me. Even their unrelated print advertising is based around the concept that this new burger is served on "New Flat Buns!"

Last time I checked, a flat bun was called a slice of bread.
"How can we make this sandwich more appealing to the kids?"
"What if instead of a patty melt we called it an Extreme Melt?"
"Don't be retarded, Ted."
"What if we started calling bread 'flat buns'?"
If you haven't seen the ads, I'm pretty sure there's no irony intended in this concept. It seems like they're pretty much straight-forward marketing flat buns. You know how people say something is "The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread?" Apparently, sliced bread wasn't good enough for Carl's Jr. Way to raise the bar.

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  1. Unfortunate! Carl's Jr is one of the decent fast food chains out there, along with In-and-Out Burgers! Neither of which is in Ohio, though.