Thursday, October 4, 2007

I Fought City Hall

And by City Hall, I mean Time Warner Cable. I had e-mailed TWC about not having TBS-HD. You see, this year the first half of the baseball playoffs are being aired on TBS, and since my Cubbies are playing, I thought I should be able to watch them. And since I own a nice HDTV, I'd like to see the friendly confines of Wrigley Field displayed in all their glory. Now, Time Warner in Southern California has a history of being very anti-HD. And I sent them a polite, but strongly worded, e-mail telling them that since I had spent the money for their HD service and my fancy TV, I deserved to watch my favorite sport in High Def (especially since it was readily available). I also mentioned that DirectTv had just added the channel, along with 30 more, so they could offer me nearly triple the amount of HD channels I currently had. And it worked. Yesterday I got an e-mail back saying that TBS-HD had been added to the lineup. So to every baseball fan in LA who owns an HDTV and gets their cable from Time Warner- you're welcome. I'm sure it was my letter that put them over the top.

On a side note, anytime anyone talks about fighting City Hall, I think of a song from Rocko's Modern Life on Nickelodeon (Rocko faught City Hall/Rocko faught corporate America). I remember there being a joke about how the whole town had rehearsed for the big musical number without Rocko knowing it. Good times.

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