Wednesday, October 10, 2007


That's right, it's freezing in Los Angeles. We've dipped below 70 degrees for the majority of the day and at night it may even dip into the mid-50's! I have to make sure that we have a fully stocked emergency kit for the obviously impending blizzard. And that all the blankets are out. And that we get the harvest in before the frost.

Seriously, though, the weather has turned really, really nice out here. I think I can finally say that autumn has pretty much started. We still hit the 80s from time to time, but it's not bad. And yet, for some reason, I'm freezing. Actually, it's not "some" reason, I know the exact reason- there's some kind of cold-blooded monster living in my office.

At various points throughout the day today, I've felt (and smelled) the heat turning on in the building. Then, I hear someone going to the thermostat and within ten minutes, it's cold again. Some days I come in and the thermostat is set to 50 degrees. Seriously! 50! That's jacket weather when you're outside, why does anyone want the inside to feel like that. Most days, sitting directly under the AC vent, my fingers and toes start to go a little numb if I don't keep them moving. I shouldn't have to wear a coat to work. Ok, back to my igloo.


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  1. Are you allowed to take a space heater to work? If I didn't have one, I'd be a popsicle every day.