Friday, October 12, 2007

Not Vegan, but Supportive

Vegan Plate
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I love meat. I love the taste of it, the texture of it, the smell of it- everything. There's nothing I like more than a big, grilled steak. At the same time, I like vegetarian food. Sometimes when I stir-fry, I'll use tofu instead of steak or chicken. I just like the flavor of it. I'll often get a Veggie Burger at a restaurant, and one of my wife's and my favorite meals is a patty melt using Trader Joe's veggie patties. I don't know if I do it to give the animals a break (I am a sucker for animals, especially, but not limited to, cute ones), or if I like feeling a little healthier from time to time. Either way, I enjoy it.

So, today, I went to Vegan Plate for lunch. It's across the alley from my office (and I occasionally get my wireless internet access from them...sorry), and some of my vegetarian friends raved about. And it was damn good. I got the P.E.T plate (that's stir-fried pumpkin, eggplant, and tofu) and it was both delicious and filling. I'm not a vegan (obviously), but every time I eat a meal like this I start wondering if I should convert. It has the kind of flavor mix that you just don't get with meat dishes (meat is often overpowering). I love the different blends of tastes and smells that overtake me when I try something like this. Plus, it's all fresh, clean, and fills you up without making you feel sick. If my office wasn't moving, I'd be stopping at Vegan Plate regularly.

Great, I've gone and made myself hungry again. God, I love food!


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