Thursday, May 8, 2008

Crossword Crossover

Hey everybody! Today was one of those days where I could just stare at my computer screen and totally space out. My mind was like a shaken etch-a-sketch- empty. Ideally, one's mind should be like a shaken Polaroid- always coming into clearer focus.

Did I just say something profound? It was either profound or stupid. It's a very very thin line.

Anyway, I was wondering what in the world I would blog about today. Should I blog about how emotionally invested I am in whether a cartoon cat cheats on his fiance or not in a web comic I read (Achewood- and Roast Beef, you better not treat Molly like that!) No, kind of sad and not that interesting to non-readers. Perhaps I should mention my podiatrist appointment yesterday and the x-rays I'm having tomorrow. No, save that for tomorrow when I might actually have an x-ray picture to post. So what then? There's nothing going on.

Then fate (and habit) had me play the crosswords. There's a strange phenomenon I've noticed where I will learn something in one crossword and it will show up in another one THAT SAME DAY! I mean, what are the odds? Example: Today's New York Sun clued one answer as, "Highest Mountain in the Rhaetian Alps." The answer was "Piz Bernia." I had never heard of it (or the Rhaetian Alps, for that matter). Then along comes Yahoo, and they have the clue, "Piz Bernia, for one." And the answer, which I now knew instantly, was "Alp." What are the odds? Something I've never heard of or seen in a crossword before showing up in two puzzles on the same day? These things are finished WAY in advance, so I don't see how they could be looking at each others' tests. And to make matters more intriguing, they both used the answer "Fey," one clued as "30 Rock Creator" and one as "Liz Lemon Portrayer." Weird.

I may dedicate an entire post to these crossword crossovers. It happens all the time, I'm just waiting for a day with a ton of them for you.


NYT- 8:30 (Great time for a Thursday for me!)
CS- 5:15
LAT- 6:50
NYS- 11:31 (had I done Yahoo first and known Piz Bernia, this would have been much lower)

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