Monday, May 19, 2008

I've Created Life!

Well, sorta. I told you I was learning some animation programs. Well, here's the fruit of my first attempts:
That's right, I made a man today. And I put a silly hat on him. Yeah, it's crude and it doesn't look like much and it took me most of the day to make it; but hey, how many people did you make today? (If you're a professional animator, please do not answer that question). So, what do you think Pixar? Did I just blow your mind? Ready to hire me now?


NYT- 5:11
CS- 5:44
LAT- 3:33
NYS- 3:50
I managed to out-think myself on the NY Times today. I didn't pay attention to the theme and I tried to cram "Pyrrhic Victory" in a space that should have read "Hollow Victory." They're not going to use the word "Pyrrhic" on a Monday.

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    Eli, you know that title is heart-attack inducing, right????