Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Spice of Life

When in a rut, it's the little things that pull you out. I just found a great little thing to help me. Wasabi Mayonnaise from Trader Joe's. I put a bit of that on my turkey sandwich- instant happiness. The sandwich can be one of the great gateways to a rut. Even if I vary the deli meat inside of the sandwich, eventually they all start to taste the same. Last week I made a big batch of tuna salad and took that every day. It helped a lot, gave me something to look forward to at lunch. Now I'm going to be looking forward to my wasabi turkey sandwiches. It ends up tasting a bit like horseradish, but with just a bit of that Asian kick. It took a plain old turkey and lettuce sandwich and made it taste like something I would buy from the sandwich shop downstairs. I highly recommend it.

I don't, however, really recommend Trader Joe's rice cracker assortment. I try to mix up the "snack" portion of my lunch every week with a healthy-ish option from TJs. I've had very good experiences with bagel chips, wonton chips, and the sour cream and onion rice crisps. These rice crackers, however, are mostly bland and just not that pleasant. Actually, I take that back. They are half pleasant. There are four shapes of crackers- squares, pillows, rods, and crescents. The squares and pillows both taste like nothing. The rods are kind of sweet and the crescents are kind of spicy, but unfortunately there's not enough of them. If anyone from Trader Joe's is reading this, I would like an all rods and crescents rice cracker pack. Thank you. As it is, I pick through my little cracker tupperware and eat all of the squares and pillows quickly. This leaves me with the rods and crescents to end with nothing but goodness. I do the same thing with lots of foods. Gummi Bears (leave the yellow and orange), Lucky Charms (leave the marshmallows), Skittles (depends on what I'm in the mood for, but the reds are always eaten first), and so on. I'm not a picky eater at all, I just choose to arrange my food so that the maximum enjoyment is at the end. It's like the big finale at a fireworks show- always leave on a high note.

Unfortunately, I can't think of a high note to leave this post on.


NYT- 6:34
CS- 5:42
LAT- 7:00
NYS- 5:23

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