Friday, May 30, 2008

Maintenance and Stuff

Hey folks, sorry for the lack of reliable posting this week, it's been a crazy one at work. Several projects are starting to come together at the same time which makes me a very busy assistant. Anyway, I wanted to feel my readers out on a couple of changes that might be coming soon.

First, looking back at it, I think my crossword times are pointless and self-serving. I was basically using them as a crutch to force me to post something every day. So, no more of that. HOWEVER, I may be starting a new blog dedicated entirely to crosswords. Would any of you read that?

Second, I may be moving on to Wordpress. This probably won't happen for a little while, but I'm working hard to turn into something worth visiting. Once that happens, I'll probably use Wordpress to host the blog locally on my site. Does anyone have any experience transferring from Blogger to Wordpress like this? I know there's an importer available, but I'm cautious to try it. I don't want to accidentally nuke this blog and not have it backed up somewhere. Also, should I move the site, I believe I can make it so that this site always points to the new blog. Alternatively, the ability to post on my main blog and have it show up hear as well would be cool, but I don't know if that's possible. Again, anyone have experience?

That's about all I've got. I'm polishing up my graphic design skills and digging into Flash to try and make my website worth visiting (If you go there now, it will just redirect you to this site). Keeping my fingers crossed.


ps- Feel free to leave answers as comments. Comments make me feel like a big man.

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  1. I transferred my Blogger posts to my Anywhere Is site with no problems at all. The best thing to do would be to import them and then delete the Blogger accounts.

    If your hosting has Fantastico, you can go in there and it'll install WP for you. You can get tons of great themes from all over the 'net, and it's really easy to switch themes, add widgets, etc. Shoot me an email if you want to talk more about it.