Monday, May 12, 2008

I've Got....Happy Feet!

I've Got....Happy Feet!
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So, after suffering from shin splints for a couple of weeks, I realized my running shoes were pretty well shot and I needed a new pair. So I went to Sports Authority, tried on a few, and found a pair of Asics that felt nice. Great.

The next week, I ran Monday and Wednesday, then on Friday I felt my shins tighten up again and I think I may have started to overcompensate. As a result, I twisted my ankle and ended up with tendinitis in my left foot. It was incredibly painful and forced me to go to a podiatrist (I hate goin to doctors offices). He told me that I needed some wider shoes. So, not two weeks after buying a new pair of shoes, I'm back at the shoe store.

This time I went to Phidippides in Encino. It's owned and staffed by runners and they take the time to work personally with you to find the right shoe. I told them what the podiatrist had said and that I was getting orthotics in another week. Apparently, dancing in college probably messed up my feet pretty bad. Both the podiatrist and the shoe salesman told me that dancers are far and away the people most likely to have foot problems. He brought up three pairs of shoes in my size (11 2E) and had me try each and go for a little run outside. I gave him my opinion of each before he told me what he saw in my gait. What he thought would be best for me and what I thought felt best were the same: Brooks Beast. It's a very large, wide shoe, but more comfortable than anything I've ever run in. I looked around at the employees and every single one of them was wearing this shoe. That's a good sign.

Today I went for my first run in them. On doctor's orders, I kept it to just over a mile. My foot is still a little achy, but I figured I felt good enough to try. And even with the achy foot, my legs and feet feel better than they ever have after any run. These shoes are incredible. It's possible that the leg and foot pains I've come to associate with running are just the result of having the wrong shoes. I can't wait to get back out running again on Wednesday!


NYT- 4:45
CS- 6:46
LAT- 3:54
NYS- Never posted online, depriving me of one of my favorites.
I'm starting to think I could do better on the NY Times if I did it online like the rest of my puzzles. Unfortunately, I don't have my own subscription, so I guess I just have to learn to write faster.
On a related note, I went to the website of the national crossword tournament and did their test puzzle. It said that a 15 minute time would be competitive in the tournament, and under 10 would be excellent. I finished in just over 6. Maybe I'll enter some year when I'm in a job that allows me to take time off.

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  1. Thanks for sharing!! Also got the genuine Asics running shoes from Sports Authority last month with huge discount offers and best customer services.